The research and statistics section of our website provides information about the road toll and crash statistics, transport monitoring indicators, travel and road safety surveys, and the vehicle fleet. It also provides links to other transport and environmental research.

Crash facts

Contains fact sheets outlining useful statistical information on road safety issues, drawn from yearly motor vehicle crash data.

Draft Transport Research Strategy

The draft Transport Research Strategy is jointly sponsored by the Ministry of Transport and the NZ Transport Agency. A steering group representing all transport modes, as well as central and local government, has overseen the development of the Strategy. It aims to secure a research environment that best serves the goals of the New Zealand transport system.

Vehicle fleet

Information about New Zealand's vehicles, including cars, commercial vans and trucks, buses, motor caravans, motorcycles and mopeds.

Other transport research

Includes transport and environmental research, including information about theUnderstanding transport costs and charges study.

Road crash statistics

Includes crash fact sheets, monthly and annual overviews of crash statistics, rail level crossing statistics, and the social cost of road crashes.

Road safety surveys

Includes surveys on speed, seatbelt use, and public attitudes to road safety.

Road toll

Includes the daily road toll, quarterley reporting, historical information and holiday road toll information.

Transport indicators

Transport indicators grouped by subject, and includes national and regional trends, tables and graphs.

Travel survey

The New Zealand Household Travel Survey provides information about how people travel, where they go, when and why and how risky it is.

Transport Domain Plan

The Transport Domain Plan is a project being jointly led by the Ministry of Transport and Statistics NZ to improve the quality, relevance, and availability of transport-related information.