About us

Connecting data people with data people

The Transport Data Knowledge Hub is a community of people who work with transport data and information. We provide a forum for sharing knowledge and experience and work together to improve our access to transport data.


  • Capability;
    • Grow the capability of subject matter experts to put people and systems in place to share and make best use of transport data
    • Build relationships betwene subject matter experts to promote sharing and effective use of transport data
  • Strategy
    • To help develop initiatives that actively align with and support NZ Transport investment objectives.
    • To help develop architecture and initiatives that contribute to, enrich, and align with the Government Transport information strategy and framework, and the wider Government ICT Strategy and Action Plan, and Information Eco-system,


  • Share news and success stories on  relevant initiatives,  topics, research and events.
  • Drive and advocate for initiatives that improve the quality of and use of transport data.
  • Work together to develop a common vocabulary for transport information and data.
  • Be a single point of contact for transport data and information including research projects that have a significant data or information component.
  • Support the annual Transport Knowledge Conference.


The hub is open to anyone interested in transport data--related data and information.

To join, please email KnowledgeHub@transport.govt.nz