The Ministry conducts an ongoing survey of people throughout New Zealand. This survey collects information about day-to-day travel in New Zealand – such as, how, where and when we travel. The results give us a picture of the travel patterns and choices of all types of people – information which is vital for developing transport policy including road safety, public transport, walking and cycling.

There have been a number of national travel surveys over the years.

  1. The Ministry has begun a new continuous travel survey using new technologies (GPS and online forms) from October 2015.
  2. The Ministry carried out a continuous survey of personal travel from 2003-2014. Details of survey methods, questionnaires and results are shown below.
  3. There were 2 earlier one year surveys in 1989/1990 and 1997/1998.


Current Survey

From October 2015, the Ministry is continuously surveying people using GPS units and online forms.


Old Survey (2003-2014)

The previous survey ran from 2003 to June 2014. This surveyed 2 days of travel with the information collected in a face to face interview.

Results 2003-2014

Information about the 2003-2014 Household Travel Survey