The Ministry is conducting an ongoing survey of people throughout New Zealand to improve our understanding of how and where people travel.

The survey is continuous, to give us up-to-date travel data and travel trends over time. The information will help transport planners to understand how transport systems are working and to prepare for the future. It will also help us to improve road safety.

From mid-January 2014, the Ministry is undertaking a three month trial to see whether using online methods and GPS is more accurate, user-friendly and cost-effective when surveying New Zealanders’ day-to-day travel.

The current survey is scheduled to finish at the end of June 2014. A decision will be made on the future of the survey after results from the pilot have been examined. This means there will be a gap in data collection from when the survey ends in its current form and when it continues in any new form.


Information about the Household Travel Survey