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Auckland is at Alert Level 4. The rest of NZ is at Alert Level 2.

Personal movement within Alert Level 4 is limited.


Information and advice is available on the Unite against COVID-19 ( link) website - including a summary of Contact and support | Unite against COVID-19 ( link),

For information about permitted travel for personal reasons under Alert Level 4, please visit Permitted movement within Alert Level 4 | Unite against COVID-19 ( link).

The Ministry of Transport is unable to issue exemptions to the current travel restrictions. However, our guidance for what evidence you may wish to carry when you travel for a permitted reason at Alert Level 4 is available here: Recommended evidence for travel at Alert Level 4.  [PDF, 773 KB]

Travel is restricted across the Alert Level boundary

Personal, business or work travel across an Alert Level boundary is strictly limited.

You may only travel between Alert Level 4 and Alert Level 2 areas if that travel is permitted. You need to make sure you have acceptable evidence that you are permitted to cross the boundary.

Information about permitted travel across the Alert Level 4 and Alert Level 2 boundary can be found here:

Boundary map I Unite against COVID-19 ( link)(external link)

The COVID-19 Public Health Response (Alert Level Requirements) Order (No 9) 2021 is accessible through these links: link)(external link) link)(external link)

Transport operators and businesses with queries about the current Alert Level settings for travel can contact us for guidance at