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This year we awarded six graduate research scholarships. The successful recipients are:

  • Alice Evans, University of Canterbury.
    Research topic: Assessment of tsunami risk, exposure and evacuation capacity of remote coastal communities on the lower East Coast of the North Island, New Zealand.
  • Lucy Groenhart, University of Auckland.
    Research topic: Valuing the costs and benefits of active mobility: A case study in Māngere, Auckland.
  • Sienna MacArthur-Beadle, University of Otago
    Research topic: An educational narrative intervention targeting children’s pedestrian safety around railway level crossings.
  • Lily McSweeney, University of Canterbury.
    Research topic: Scenarios for incentivising use of alternative transport in New Zealand: Travel demand management in Wellington and Christchurch.
  • Yvonne Mitchell, University of Otago.
    Research topic: Perspectives of young New Zealanders on driver licensing and road safety.
  • Fred Smithers, University of Auckland
    Research topic: Investigating the relationship between changes to urban density and transport patterns in Auckland since 2000: An in-depth analysis.

If you have any questions about these scholarships, email


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