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Earlier this year we commissioned a stakeholder engagement survey, in order to get an independent view of stakeholders’ perceptions. The survey work was done by the same research company that we used in 2018 and used comparable methodology to assess perceptions of trust, our performance, familiarity with what we do, and the strength of relationships.

The latest survey drew from a significantly broader base of stakeholders and, as a result, found some were less familiar with our role and activities in 2020 than they were in 2018. Perceptions of operational performance had strengthened or remained steady. Trust was strong and improving among government entities but lower and declining among other groups of stakeholders. Relationships were strong and improving among government entities, representative bodies and transport agencies.

The latest survey found that overall: “Despite a reduction in familiarity, most scores remain steady with a more positive view of monitoring and more stakeholders believing their relationship has improved, albeit without a significant impact on the overall relationship score.”

Common feedback from respondents to the survey was a desire for more frequent contact with us, better understanding of stakeholders’ issues, earlier consultation, and more clarity about our role. In response to the survey findings, we have started a programme to increase outreach, lift staff capability, improve the consistency of messaging to stakeholders, and update usage of digital platforms.

Stakeholder engagement survey results  [PDF, 5 MB]


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