It’s a time of change at the Ministry of Transport. Following in-depth consultation both internally and with key transport partners we have landed a fresh new design and vision to help shape New Zealand’s future. Transport impacts everyone and MoT is the policy engine room, advising how transport can better the lives of New Zealanders, whether that is enabling driverless cars, contributing to urban and regional development, or contributing to tourism earnings. We are looking to combine our key strengths with new talent to adapt to our environment that is complex and changing at pace!

To really get transport working the way New Zealanders need it to, we know that extensive collaboration will be the key – collaboration with our staff internally, and collaboration with our external transport partners. A small Ministry like ours gives you plenty of opportunity to gain experience and help shape the future.

There’s really no better time to join the Ministry, as we enter a whole new era of transport possibilities. From Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, to driverless cars and electric vehicles, the Ministry is at the forefront, enabling New Zealanders to enjoy new developments, and the environmental, economic and social benefits they bring.

It’s an exciting time for us, and you could be part of it. At the Ministry of Transport, you’ll make a real contribution to shaping how New Zealanders connect with each other and the world.

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What we do matters

Transport is essential for the lives of every New Zealander. It allows us to access economic and social opportunities within New Zealand and across the globe.

The Ministry of Transport is the government’s chief policy adviser on transport. We provide advice on the funding, investment and regulatory arrangements needed to support a sound transport system, including land, aviation and maritime transport.

In all our actions, we strive to deliver on our purpose of: Enabling New Zealanders to flourish.

As a policy ministry, it is our role to provide strategic sector knowledge, day-to-day transport advice, and a programme of work that meets the Government’s priorities of the day. We work closely with transport Crown agencies to deliver results.

As a flexible and responsive ministry, we believe that:

  • transport connects us: it is vital to society and the economy
  • we see the big picture of transport
  • we shape the transport system for the long term
  • we ensure quality, innovation and value in everything we do
  • we deliver results by working with and through others
  • we are a great place to work

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MoT is a great place to work

The Ministry prides itself on maintaining a work culture that is supportive, encourages learning, and recognises success.

We demonstate our spirit and character by being:

  • Bold
  • Invested
  • Collaborative

Professional development opportunities

The Ministry is committed to growing and developing staff through on-the-job experience, rotation opportunities, internal, cross-government and international secondments or acting in a different role.

The Ministry strives to produce the highest quality policy advice. To do this we offer structured development opportunities for staff. The Ministry provides in-house training such as workshops, as well as working with external consultants or linking into cross-government training programmes where available. We also collaborate with the wider transport sector on development and training initiatives.

Valuing our people

The Ministry is committed to inclusive work practices and culture. We have a robust recruitment approach and base appointments on merit. All staff are valued and treated equitably and with respect, whatever their gender, ethnicity, social background, sexual orientation or disability.

Our graduate programme

The Ministry is a small, connected department with multiple opportunities for recent graduates to gain experience and make their mark. Our graduate advisers receive a strong grounding in policy frameworks and diverse policy experience that will set them up for a successful career in policy.

During their first year, graduates have the opportunity to participate in the applied Policy Adviser Development (a-PAD) programme. The programme provides foundation knowledge and skills for policy advisers from public sector agencies. It brings together theory and practice – drawing on the knowledge and expertise of both academics and senior public sector practitioners. Individuals are awarded a Victoria University Post-graduate Certificate in Public Policy following satisfactory completion of four courses.

Keep your eye on SEEK, Unihub and this page for 2018 Ministry of Transport Graduate programme opening and closing dates.

To find out more about what we look for in our graduates, check out our Graduate Programme.

Our people

At the Ministry of Transport, we are working to ensure our transport system helps New Zealand thrive. Our people are intelligent, collaborative and passionate about what they do.

Learn more about some of our staff, their roles and what drives them by clicking on the photo tiles below:

Richard Cross
Policy Manager