We are looking for motivated graduates with:

  • an interest in transport
  • excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • advanced analytical abilities
  • an eye for detail
  • an eagerness to learn
  • an understanding of government processes and economic principles.

Make a difference to the future of New Zealand while getting excellent professional development opportunities.

What you will be part of

Transport is essential for the lives of every New Zealander. It allows us to access economic and social opportunities within New Zealand and across the globe. The government directly invests approximately $4 billion into the sector each year, primarily in the land transport system.

We are the government’s chief policy adviser on transport. We provide advice on the  regulatory arrangements, funding, and investment needed to support a sound transport system, including land, aviation and maritime transport.

What you will be doing

The policy issues that we deliver are growing in priority and complexity. Our recent work includes:

  • providing advice on electric vehicles and other strategies to reduce the impact of the transport system on climate change
  • designing the law to ensure New Zealand is able to benefit from new technologies such as unmanned aerial vehicles and self-driving vehicles
  • exploring how to ensure transport keeps the regions connected and successful
  • developing and assessing options for a well functioning transport system in Auckland looking out 30 years
  • opening up our aviation markets by identifying and removing trade barriers
  • work on the Government Policy Statement on Land Transport, which sets out the Government’s priorities for transport, and how much Government funding will be provided to the National Land Transport Fund.

Why the Ministry is a great place to work

We are committed to ongoing investment in our staff. This includes development of professional skills as well as opportunities to work on a wide range of policy issues. Our investment in staff is reflected in the highest engagement score in the public sector and top 4 ranking by the NZIER for the quality of our policy advice in 2015.

Who we work with

Transport is a diverse area requiring many organisations to collaborate and cooperate. We work closely with a number of Crown entities, such as the New Zealand Transport Agency, the Civil Aviation Authority, the Transport Accident Investigation Commission, and Maritime New Zealand, and with State-owned enterprises, such as KiwiRail. We also have regular have contact with local government, as well as other government ministries.

The way we work

In order to provide the very best policy advice, and to respond to the changing fiscal and technological environment, we recognised early on that a more flexible operating model and culture was required.

We have transformed ourselves from an organisation with a rigid structure where knowledge was siloed to a far more flexible operating model called the matrix model.

All staff have a ‘home team’ but can be allocated to projects based on their knowledge, interests and ability to deliver the work. This model provides opportunities for staff to develop their knowledge and experience by working on a range of policy projects.

This hands-on learning provides career development, and enables the Ministry to respond to the demands of changing priorities by operating flexibly by moving staff to  projects where they are most needed and suited.

How we work

To help build a high-performing culture, we have developed behaviours that help us to be clear about our purpose and philosophy.

Our Vision is that:

New Zealanders are proud of their safe, green and accessible transport system. We are sought after as innovators and seen as a great place to test and develop technologies and new approaches.

The Ministry of Transport is valued as a great collaborator, maintaining positive, strong and productive relationships across government and the sector. We are called on to solve problems and interpret trends. Our truly connected and 'whole-of-system' outlook provides the leadership to achieve a world-leading, integrated transport system that provides easy access to education, employment and a flourishing life for all New Zealanders. We are focused on the future and you can clearly see the impact of our influence.

To work at the Ministry of Transport is to experience a real buzz, where every person makes a difference to New Zealand. We have a positive, values-centred culture, clear priorities and purpose, and diversity at all levels.

We demonstrate our spirit and character by being:
  • Invested - We are committed and responsible
  • Bold - We are courageous, shaping our place in the world
  • Collaborative - We are connected and journey with others.
We have a focus on continuing to improve levels of engagement through:
  • providing challenging work
  • regular performance discussions between managers and staff
  • offering targeted development opportunities
  • communicating regularly across the business
  • refreshing tools and business systems to better enable staff to do their jobs
  • celebrating success.

The applied Policy Adviser Development (a-PAD) programme

We strive to produce the highest quality policy advice. While our matrix model exposes policy staff to a range of projects, we also provide structured professional development opportunities for staff. We developed the applied Policy Adviser Development (a-PAD) programme in partnership with the Victoria University School of Government.

The a-PAD programme provides foundation knowledge and skills for policy advisers from public sector agencies. The programme brings together theory and practice – drawing on the knowledge and expertise of both academics and senior public sector practitioners.

Following satisfactory completion of four courses, including associated assessments, individuals will be awarded a Victoria University Post-graduate Certificate in Public Policy (PGCertPP).

Keep your eye on SEEK, UniHub and this page for 2018 Ministry of Transport Graduate programme opening and closing dates

If you have any questions, email applications@transport.govt.nz.

Visit our Careers page to read more about what we do, the transport system we are a part of and who some of our staff are.