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for the year ended 30 June 2009


  • Professor David Macdonald, QSO
  • Mel Smith, CNZM
  • Bruce Johnson, General Manager – Aviation, Maritime and Security, Ministry of Transport
  • Bill Ogier, Manager – Agency Monitoring and Governance, Ministry of Transport
  • David Bowden, Legal Manager – Ministry of Transport (from 26 August 2008)

The Audit Committee is an independent committee established by, and reporting directly to, the Chief Executive of the Ministry of Transport.

The objectives of the Committee are to oversee:

  • risk management and internal control
  • audit functions (internal and external) for the Ministry
  • financial and other external reporting
  • the governance framework and processes
  • compliance with legislation, policies and procedures.

 The Committee has no management functions.

Report of the Audit Committee

During the past year, the Committee met on three occasions to fulfil its duties and responsibilities. At these meetings, it:

  • discussed with the external auditors their audit plan for the year and the findings from their audit work
  • discussed with the internal auditors their audit plan for the year and the findings from their audit work
  • reviewed the Ministry’s progress on introducing a software package to manage legislative compliance
  • oversaw the Ministry’s development of its risk management framework and considered the concepts underpinning the framework
  • reviewed the activities of the Ministry’s internal Risk Management Committee
  • discussed any other matters that management brought to its attention.

The Committee has reported to the Chief Executive on the above matters.  There are no outstanding or unresolved concerns.

David Macdonald
for the Audit Committee

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