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Our vision is: “Leading transport solutions for New Zealand”

The role of the Ministry of Transport is to be the trusted, impartial and expert transport adviser to the government. We are committed to providing the best possible advice to support the government in growing the New Zealand economy so that we can all enjoy greater prosperity, security and opportunity.

Nature and scope of functions

The Ministry is the government’s principal transport adviser. We work with the Minister of Transport to help the government meet its objectives for transport. We assist in supporting the development of legislation, regulations and rules, and represent New Zealand’s transport interests internationally. We also manage and are accountable for funds invested in transport.

The Ministry has an important role of coordinating the work of Crown entities in the transport sector to ensure that they align with the government’s priorities and performance expectations. We act as an agent for the Minister, which includes recommending appointments to the governing bodies of the entities, commenting on their Statements of Intent and negotiating annual performance agreements (except the Road Safety Trust which operates under a trust deed). The Ministry monitors the performance of the Crown entities against these documents, and reports to the Minister.

While the Ministry is primarily a transport policy agency, it is responsible for some operational functions, including:

  • contracting the NZ Transport Agency to collect licensing fees, road user charges and fuel excise duty
  • licensing all international airlines operating to and from New Zealand
  • managing the Milford Sound/Piopiotahi Aerodrome
  • overseeing the Crown’s interest in joint venture airports which are operated by local authorities in partnership with the government
  • administering a contract with the Meteorological Service of New Zealand Limited (MetService) for the provision of a public weather warning and forecast service.

The Ministry also works with the New Zealand Police and local government.

Key personnel as at 30 June 2009

  • Martin Matthews, Chief Executive
  • John Bradbury, Deputy Chief Executive
  • Claire Johnstone, General Manager – Corporate
  • David Crawford, General Manager – Land Transport Environment and Safety
  • Elizabeth Anderson, General Manager – Land Transport Investment and Development
  • Bruce Johnson, General Manager – Aviation, Maritime and Security
  • Wayne Donnelly, General Manager – Road and Rail

What we are part of

The New Zealand government transport sector includes the Minister of Transport, the Ministry of Transport, five Crown agencies, three state-owned enterprises and one Crown-established trust. These agencies and their functions are explained below.

Government transport sector table


The Ministry’s outcomes

The Ministry is focused on three outcomes that support the government’s goals for economic growth and productivity:

  • improved performance of the transport system
  • improved performance of transport sector agencies
  • enhanced value from government investment in transport infrastructure.

Ministry outcomes

Progress against the outcomes will primarily be evaluated by using the Transport Monitoring Indicator Framework (TMIF). This provides a national and, where possible, regional framework for the monitoring and evaluation of the New Zealand transport system. The TMIF contains a large set of transport sector-related headlines that monitor all aspects of transport including the economy, safety, the environment, health and access and mobility.

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