for the year ended 30 June 2010.

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Output class: Policy advice

Through this output class, the Ministry provides transport sector policy advice and ministerial services. This output class is supported by three outputs: transport sustainability, ministerial services and rules management.

Output: Transport sustainability

This policy output involves the development and implementation of policy for all transport modes in consultation with the transport Crown entities. The aim of this output is to meet the overall objective of achieving a sustainable transport system.


Actual 2008/09Performance measureActual 2009/10 Standards/ targets 2009/10 
Achieved   Key initiatives contained in the annual work programme are completed or progressed as agreed, or as subsequently amended by agreement between the Minister and the Chief Executive.  Partially achieved Achieved 
100% Policy advice will be delivered in accordance with the Policy Advice Quality Characteristics as determined through delivery against the project plan.  Not measured 100%
$18,248,838 Cost
The output is produced within appropriation (GST exclusive). 
$16,885,532 $20,389,736

Commentary on performance

A total of 13 out of 134 initiatives (10 percent) were not achieved for various reasons:

  • one due to a delay from other entities
  • three due to a change in approach/scope
  • two due to awaiting completion of other projects
  • three due to reprioritisation
  • two due to awaiting further consultation
  • two behind schedule.

In 2007 the Ministry initiated a yearly policy quality review by the New Zealand Institute of Economic Research but this was delayed in the 2009/10 year. The Ministry is developing its own internal policy quality framework and this will be operational in the 2010/11 year.

The lower than forecast cost of this output reflects the work by the Ministry to control costs following the economic downturn and government directives. It also reflects some work that was budgeted in the year but was delayed until 2010/11 as noted in the non-financial performance measure.

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