A key piece of work for the Ministry in early 2012 was the development of a new strategic framework to identify the outcomes that we are looking for the transport sector to achieve.

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The new framework (set out in our 2012-15 Statement of Intent) also identifies how the Ministry contributes to the wider sector outcomes, and how the Ministry delivers on current government priorities. This annual report is based on the 2011/12 framework (see diagram opposite). The new framework uses elements of the old, including some of the indicators, so it will be possible to track progress over time.

Reporting progress against the Ministry’s impacts, output classes and the government’s long-term outcomes

The Statement of objectives and service performance section provides detail on how the Ministry’s projects and activities contributed to its impacts. The Ministry impacts section sets out the relationship between the Ministry’s impacts and the long-term outcomes. The section on Measuring progress against the government’s long-term outcomes provides detailed information on the progress made by the transport sector on the long-term outcomes.

Long-term outcomes for transport

The long-term outcomes describe the ‘future state’ on which the Ministry focuses, and strongly align with the government’s objectives for the transport system. The long-term outcomes are expected to be achieved over the next 20 or more years, as a consequence of the contributions made by the Ministry and a wide range of other stakeholders and transport system users. We can measure the progress the transport system is making towards those outcomes annually through our long-term indicators. The section on Measuring progress against the government's long-term progress provide detail on progress made against the long-term outcomes.

Ministry's immediate priorities

The Ministry’s immediate priorities for 2011/12 set out the Ministry’s key areas of focus for the year. The Ministry delivered on the immediate priorities through the work that it undertook under its various Output Classes.

Ministry output classes

The Ministry’s projects and activities are the specific ‘outputs’ (work programmes) that make up our various Output Classes. The Ministry had a series of impacts for 2011/12 that it sought to deliver through its outputs. The Ministry’s impacts describe how the Ministry’s work will affect the transport system. They describe the intended results from the Ministry’s work. The Ministry can achieve its intended impacts through its own efforts and is not dependent on other organisations undertaking particular actions. However, other organisations may also undertake work that contribute to the impacts.

Government's overall goal for transport

The image below sets out the government's overall goal for transport.

Overall goal for transport Other output classes were:

  • Land transport revenue forecasting and strategy
  • Road user charges collection, investigation and enforcement
  • Fuel excise duty refund administration
  • Milford Sound/Piopiotahi Aerodrome operation and administration
  • Search and rescue activity coordination PLA

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