What we wish to achieve

The Ministry has been challenged over a number of years to be more effective. We are stepping up to that challenge and responding to the need to drive greater value for money in a fiscally constrained environment. We have begun a process to ensure that the Ministry is a strong, capable organisation delivering value for money.

Cost-effective government policy

We are focusing our efforts on the government’s long-term outcomes for transport and our Ministers’ priorities for transport. The policy programmes outlined in the operating intentions will contribute to the Ministers’ priorities as well as the government’s long-term transport outcomes. This includes periodic reviews of policy settings (for example, the Land Transport Management Act, the Public Transport Management Act, and the Civil Aviation and Maritime Transport Acts) to ensure that legislative and regulatory frameworks provide value for money.

The Ministry will measure its progress towards the government’s long-term outcomes against the Transport Monitoring Indicator Framework. However, improvements in outcomes can take many years to eventuate. Other organisations, including the transport Crown entities, also contribute to these outcomes. These contributions make it difficult for the Ministry to establish how cost-effective an intervention is each year.

Cost-effective Ministry operations

The following section sets out the Ministry’s performance improvement actions to deliver value for money by operating as a professional services ministry.

A professional services ministry

The Ministry’s role is as a trusted, impartial, expert adviser to the government: shaping transport for New Zealand. We aim to fulfil this by being an effective, professional services ministry.

In 2009 we reorganised ourselves as a professional services ministry to ensure that we have the flexibility and capability to address the priorities of the day, while also investing in sector knowledge and expertise to shape advice for tomorrow. The reorganisation was the start of a two-year process.

What do we mean by a professional services ministry?

Professional services firms use their knowledge and expertise to advise their clients on particular issues to achieve certain outcomes. These firms are successful when they achieve strong, lasting relationships and use their resources to meet the needs of their clients. This is similar to our role as a trusted, impartial, expert adviser.

As a professional services ministry we:

  • are focused on delivering on the government’s priority transport initiatives
  • operate as a single, flexible organisation that can adapt quickly to meet the demands of the day
  • recognise that sector knowledge and policy expertise are critical to our success
  • manage our available capacity (people and time) effectively, especially through sound project management
  • are committed to building a strong reputation for the quality of all our work
  • value the contribution of all our staff and are committed to their professional development to support their growth and contribution to the Ministry and the broader public sector, and by providing opportunities for staff to challenge and extend themselves by working in new areas across the Ministry
  • expect all staff to act in the best interests of the Ministry as a whole and work cooperatively to deliver the programme of work agreed to with the Minister.


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