International shipping carries the vast majority of New Zealand’s import and export goods, and the cruise industry plays an increasing role in our tourism market. New Zealand is economically dependent on high-quality, timely, safe and cost-effective international shipping services. Efficient maritime transport relies on competitive sea ports and effective integration with domestic road and rail networks. Complying with international safety, security and environmental obligations ensures access to the international maritime system, which is particularly vital for New Zealand as a trading nation.

long-term outcomes^ 
The Ministry's planned programmes
of action            
Rationale                 Output*                   Impact*                    
A D Implement measures to comply with international maritime safety, security and environmental standards.            Compliance with international standards enhances safe and secure freight and passenger movements and contributes to environmental outcomes. It also maintains New Zealand’s reputation internationally, which has significant economic value. Amendment of Maritime Transport Act and other maritime regulations in line with international requirements. Increased safety and security and decreased environmental impacts in the maritime sector. Sustained ability to participate in the international maritime system.
A Ensure maritime policy and regulatory frameworks are flexible and responsive to change. Reviewing maritime regulation will ensure appropriate levels of compliance costs without jeopardising safety, security and environmental standards. Reviews of specific maritime rules and regulations according to agreed programme. Responsive and flexible policy and regulatory frameworks are effectively maintained.

^ A-D show the relationship between the operating intentions outlined in this section and the government’s long-term outcomes for transport.

* If not stated otherwise, the output/impact refers to the timeframe of this Statement of Intent 2010-2013.

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