The transport system in New Zealand

The transport system is essential to supporting economic activity and connecting society. As a trading nation far away from key markets, New Zealand needs an efficient and effective transport system. However, there is more to it than that. Efficient and effective transport systems are also critical to the way New Zealanders lead their lives and how our communities operate.

Strong linkages between road, rail, maritime and aviation are vital if we are to get people to and from work, enable freight to move around the country and off-shore, and support tourism as one of New Zealand’s biggest foreign exchange earners.

New Zealand’s transport infrastructure has a mix of public and private ownership, with land transport infrastructure being largely in public ownership, and the majority of maritime and aviation services provided commercially. The challenge for the Ministry is to develop policies and advice that balance the differing needs and perspectives of both the government and private sector, while delivering an efficient and effective transport system.

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