Introduction from the Chief Executive

Over the next four years, the Ministry of Transport will deliver on government priorities, in addition to building our strategic capabilities and capacity. The Ministry’s purpose is to ensure the transport sector helps NewZealand to thrive. We have also set ourselves the challenge of creating the environment to double the value from transport initiatives. We want to strengthen our strategic capabilities to ensure that the NewZealand transport system is efficient, effective, resilient and safe for the long term.  

Over the last year we developed several key pieces of work to help shape the future of the transport system. We provided advice to the Minister to support his decisions for the Auckland transport package, and to make a decision regarding a proposed ferry terminal at Clifford Bay. We also delivered a key reform package for vehicle licensing, developed an Intelligent Transport Systems Action Plan and coordinated a new approach to gathering information on freight movements around the country.

In addition to these key pieces of work, and in response to our Performance Indicator Framework review, we are strengthening our strategic knowledge and capability. As part of the Ministry’s Shaping our Future programme, we have engaged new strategy directors, who will bring fresh thinking into the Ministry. We are deepening our understanding of our markets and developing an analytical framework to ensure that we appropriately support the NewZealand transport sector and the Minister of Transport. 

We have developed a system map of the NewZealand transport sector and in future we will use this to gauge the effects of policy on different parts of the system. We are also engaging in environmental scanning and scenarios work in order to be best prepared for what the future may bring. Changing demographics, technologies, patterns in freight movements and social expectations each put pressures on the transport system and we are investigating how we should respond to these trends and pressures. 

A key issue that we will be focusing on over the next four years is collaboration across the transport sector. We will work to strengthen the governance and leadership of the sector between Crown entities, the Ministry, the transport industry, key customers and other stakeholders to ensure that the sector delivers the best that it can within available resource.

We will also work to ensure that we collaborate to lift results across the entire sector. For example, the National Road Safety Committee is delivering good outcomes, with the road toll in 2013 being the lowest in 60 years. This is a result of the transport sector working together towards this common purpose.

Chief Executive statement of responsibility

In signing this statement, I acknowledge that I am responsible for the information contained in the Statement of Intent for the Ministry of Transport. This information has been prepared in accordance with the Public Finance Act 1989. It is also consistent with the proposed appropriations set out in the Appropriations (2014/15 Estimates) Bill, as presented to the House of Representatives in accordance with section 13 of the Public Finance Act 1989, and with existing appropriations and financial authorities.

Martin Matthews
Chief Executive, Ministry of Transport

Fiona Macmaster
Manager Finance, Ministry of Transport


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