The Ministry’s strategic outcomes framework

To manage the future pressures and issues confronting the transport sector, the Ministry and the transport Crown entities have a shared sector objective and four long-term outcomes. These have been incorporated into a strategic outcomes framework. The framework sets out the outcomes that we believe are most important to New Zealand’s transport system. We aim to progress towards these long-term outcomes through effective delivery in our intermediate result areas.

The Ministry reviewed its intermediate outcomes in 2014 to ensure that it is focused on the areas where it can make the greatest contribution to the Government’s goals. The four new intermediate result areas are shown in the framework below.

Strategic direction for the Transport Sector

Government Transport Sector Agencies' goal

A transport system that maximises economic and social benefits for New Zealand and minimises harm

Government Transport Sector Agencies' long-term outcomes

Resilient Meets future needs and endures shocks
Effective Moves people and freight where they need to go in a timely manner
Efficient Delivers the right infrastructure and services to the right level at the best cost
Safe and responsible Reduces the harms from transport

Ministry intermediate results

  • Improved management of the transport asset base
  • Higher returns from new transport investments
  • More open and efficient markets
  • Fewer incidents and other harms


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