The four long-term outcomes are supported by the Ministry’s intermediate result areas. These provide a focus for our actions to improve the transport system over the next 5 to 10 years.

The Ministry has four intermediate results that it will strive for in order to both deliver on the Government’s priorities and better position the transport system to meet New Zealand’s longer term needs, and achieve our ‘greatest imaginable challenge’, which is to ‘create the environment to double the value of transport initiatives’. In confirming these new intermediate result areas, the Ministry had regard to its role, a range of processes for scanning opportunities and challenges, and detailed analysis of a number of aspects of the system.

The four result areas, which are set out in more detail on the following pages, are:

  • improved management of the transport asset base
  • higher returns from new transport investments
  • more open and efficient markets
  • fewer incidents and other harms.

The Ministry can adjust its level of focus on any aspect across the result areas in response to changing Government priorities. We do this through the choices that we make on the work programmes that underpin the result areas. We understand not everything can be a priority and that the Government, rightly, determines the Ministry’s priorities. The balance within our work programmes reflects Government priorities, as agreed with the Minister of Transport.

The link between our work programmes and our result areas and outcomes is complex. In practice, many of our policy work programmes contribute to more than one intermediate result. For example, the implementation of the Intelligent Transport Systems Technology Action Plan is expected to lead to improved management of the transport asset base and, at the same time, contribute to fewer incidents and harms (through improved safety and reduced environmental harms from the transport system).

The key elements of the Ministry’s four-year work programme

The next section of the Statement of Intent sets out the key elements of the Ministry’s four-year work programme under each of our five intermediate outcomes. It includes the main projects and the performance measures that we will use to assess our progress towards our intermediate results. That progress will be reported in our annual report. The Ministry’s work programme also includes our work to improve the performance of the Government’s transport Crown entities.

How our appropriations support our intermediate results and link to the Government’s priorities is set out in the appendix.

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