The long-term outcomes describe the desired ‘future state’ of the New Zealand transport system. These strongly align with the Government’s objectives for the transport system and are expected to be achieved over the next 20 or more years.

Effective — moves people and freight where they need to go in a timely manner

The core function of our transport network is to connect New Zealand domestically and internationally. Transport links employees, employers and businesses together, and enables individuals to access services and make social connections. Transport also brings international tourists and is part of the supply chain that delivers goods to domestic and international markets.

Efficient — delivers the right infrastructure and services to the right level at the best cost

The benefits of transport investment include its contribution to the functioning of a successful, competitive economy and a connected society. However, as with all public spending, in transport there are inevitably trade-offs between costs and service quality.

Resilient — meets future transport needs and endures shocks

Transport infrastructure often has a life span of many decades, so investments we make today must accommodate future needs and uncertainties as well as current requirements.

Our transport network should deal well with shocks such as natural disasters, like earthquakes or extreme weather events, as well as dangers caused intentionally or unintentionally by people. It also needs to be adaptable to security requirements that may be imposed on us by other countries or international organisations.

Safe and responsible — reduces the harms from transport

Transport can have undesirable consequences, including road crashes, greenhouse gas emissions and other environmental impacts (including on the built environment), and public health impacts (such as air quality, noise and heart disease).

We will report progress annually

The Ministry will report the progress of the transport system towards these intended long-term outcomes through its annual report.

We are working with the transport Crown entities and the wider sector to improve our current set of performance measures and indicators for the transport sector. We will use these new measures in our future reporting.


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