Governance and performance advice

Most of the work set out earlier in this Statement of Intent is policy advice undertaken under our Multi-Category Expense Appropriation: Policy Advice and Related Outputs. Advice on Governance and performance of Crown entities is also included in this appropriation. The Ministry advises the Minister and the Government on the most appropriate transport agency arrangements to meet the Government’s objectives for transport. This includes establishing the role and regulatory powers of the entities, and their funding arrangements. The Ministry monitors the performance of the transport agencies (as regulators and service providers) and supports the Minister to hold these agencies accountable for their performance and delivery of the Government’s transport-specific economic, safety and security outcomes. To do this, the Ministry needs to understand the environment in which the agencies operate, consider the strategic and funding implications, and have frameworks in place to be able to assess their performance.

Other output classes

The Ministry has three other output classes that contribute to its intended intermediate results. The 2015/16 Budget documents provide additional information on the Ministry’s output classes and their performance measures.

Fuel excise duty refund administration

This output class meets the costs associated with providing an administrative and accounting service for refunding fuel excise duty. The Ministry contracts theNZ Transport Agency to undertake this function on its behalf. This output class contributes to the ‘improved management of the transport asset base’ intermediate result.

Search and rescue activity coordination PLA

The Ministry houses the secretariat function of the New Zealand Search and Rescue Council, which administers the search and rescue sector in New Zealand. The secretariat reports to the New Zealand Search and Rescue Council, which is not part of the Ministry. This output class contributes to the intermediate result ‘fewer incidents and other harms’.   

Milford Sound/Piopiotahi Aerodrome operation and administration

One of the Ministry’s functions is the operation of the Milford Sound/Piopiotahi Aerodrome in the Fiordland National Park. The aerodrome is predominantly used for tourist flights. The Ministry’s role is to ensure the aerodrome’s operational facilities comply with Civil Aviation Authority requirements, and that they are maintained. This output class contributes to the ‘improved management of the transport asset base’ intermediate result.


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