The Ministry is committed to increasing its overall effectiveness and ensuring
that we are doing the best job we can with the resources available to us. The key performance management measures that the Ministry will use in 2018/19 are set
out below.

Input management

The Ministry measures the quality and subsequent cost of our advice using policy advice benchmarks set by the Treasury. 

To maximise the value of staff skills, experience and knowledge, we apply project management disciplines to our policy projects, including explicit timeframes and milestones.

We are looking to develop new performance management measures to enable us to benchmark our performance and improve productivity. In the meantime, we can measure how
well we deliver our projects on time and to budget.

Our targets are: 

  • To maintain a total cost of an hour of professional staff time devoted to policy advice and other policy unit outputs at or below $158 (not including outsourced costs)
  • To have 75 percent of policy project milestones delivered each quarter.

Quality management

Each year the Ministry has a sample of policy advice papers externally audited. This audit provides an independent view of the quality of advice and areas that could be improved, and compares the quality with that of other government agencies.

Our targets are:

  • At least 90 percent of regulatory impact statements are assessed as ‘meets’ or ‘partially meets’ the required standards
  • At least 75 percent of policy advice briefings are accepted first time by the Minister
  • An external audit of policy advice papers assesses that our papers meet the quality
    criteria sufficiently. 

Work programme management

The annual output plan is a statement of the results that the Minister wants from the Ministry. In our annual reports, we record the percentage of the whole output plan that has been delivered.

  • The target is to have 95 percent or more of the output plan delivered as agreed with the Minister.

Outcomes management

The Ministry monitors the progress that the whole transport sector is making. The Ministry will publish new outcome measures and indicators in 2019, based on our refreshed outcomes framework. Published outcome indicators are used as a measure of the overall progress being made, and to help identify further opportunities for the Ministry to contribute.

We will report on these measures annually

The Ministry will publish these indicators in its annual report each year to assess its cost-effectiveness and identify areas for improvement.


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