Our purpose

Enabling New Zealanders to flourish

Our vision

How the transport system is viewed both globally

New Zealanders are proud of their safe, green, and accessible transport system. We are sought after as innovators and seen as a great place to test and develop technologies and new approaches.

Our contribution to that system

The Ministry of Transport is valued as a great contributor, maintaining positive, strong and productive relationships across government and the sector. We are called on to
solve problems and interpret trends. Our truly connected
and ‘whole-of-system’ outlook provides the leadership to achieve a world-leading, integrated transport system that provides easy access to education, employment, and a flourishing life for all New Zealanders. We are focused on the future and you can clearly see the impact of our influence.

What will be different about working at the Ministry

To work at the Ministry of Transport is to experience a real buzz, where every person makes a difference to New Zealand. We have a positive, value-centred culture, clear priorities and purpose, and diversity at all levels.

Our values

Invested: We are committed and responsible.

Bold: We are courageous, shaping our place in the world.

Collaborative: We are connected and journey with others.


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