This Statement of Intent sets out the Ministry’s current outcomes

A Statement of Intent sets out an organisation’s strategic intentions for the next four years.
We are working with transport sector agencies and stakeholders to confirm five core outcomes that Government is seeking from the transport system (shown below). The Government has also identified seven priority areas that we will focus on over the next four years. Those priorities and the work programmes that will support them are set out in the following sections. 

The Ministry has further work to do – collaborating across the transport sector to develop this set
of outcomes into a framework that links the outcomes we seek with measureable deliverables.
The Ministry will develop a revised set of performance measures through which its impact and the performance of the transport system can be understood. The Ministry has already commenced this work and expects that it will be completed in late 2018. 

A consequence of this work is that this Statement of Intent is likely to be superseded in 2019.
The Ministry will present a new Statement of Intent in 2019, based on the draft outcomes framework below, and including new performance measures. 

A draft outcomes framework

The transport system shapes highly liveable places in thriving regions, by contributing to:

How the outcomes fit with the Living Standards Framework

The Living Standards Framework is being developed by Treasury to consider the collective impact
of policies on current and intergenerational wellbeing. It aims to supplement current income-based measures used in economic policy analysis, like per capita GDP, with indicators of current and
long-term wellbeing.


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