Protecting and Promoting Public Health

What are we seeking to achieve?

This objective seeks to achieve a nation whose transport habits are low contributors to negative impacts and contribute positively to the health of all. 

The outcome related to this objective is:

  • negative impacts of transport are reducing in terms of fatalities, injuries and harm to health

What will we do to achieve this?

Summary of activities

Improve transport sustainability - Actions undertaken: 2008-2011

  • Develop further policy to reduce noise levels from modified vehicle exhaust systems
  • Investigate options for testing in-service emissions, particularly for diesel vehicles

Protecting and promoting public health - Actions undertaken: 2008-2009

  • Evaluate, and where possible, quantify the benefits of increasing walking and cycling activity using a health impact assessment methodology. Benefits to be assessed include health, social, safety, economic and environmental impacts

Getting there – on foot, by cycle (2009-2012) - Actions undertaken: 2008-2011

  • Ensure the development and implementation of the next three-year plan for Getting there – on foot, by cycle (2009-2012)

Implement the updated New Zealand Transport Strategy (NZTS) - Actions undertaken: 2008-2009

  • Support and monitor progress of the updated NZTS.
  • Undertake actions set out in the strategy.
  • Ensure that the direction of the updated NZTS is known, understood and accepted by key stakeholders

How will we demonstrate success in achieving this?

To demonstrate success in achieving the outcome relating to the objective of protecting and promoting public health, we will:

  • Progress the different policy initiatives which help reduce the negative impacts of transport in terms of fatalities, injuries and harm to health, that relate to 'Improve Transport Sustainability', including relevant report backs, according to agreed time-frames
  • Contribute to the outcome by producing a health impact assessment of walking and cycling in 2009
  • Contribute to the outcome by ensuring that initiatives to improve the safety and enjoyment of the environments that walkers and cyclists use are developed and implemented. These will be included in Getting there - on foot, by cycle (2009-2012), which will be developed and implemented within the appropriate timeframes

Policy advice will be delivered in accordance with the agreed policy quality criteria listed in 'Policy Advice Quality Characteristics' in the Appendix, as determined through delivery recorded against the project plan.

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