Introduction from the Chief Executive

The Ministry of Transport’s role is to be the trusted, impartial and expert transport adviser to the government. Given the essential role the transport system plays in our nation – the performance of our economy, the operation of our communities, and our way of life – the role of helping to
shape government policy is something we take very seriously. To do our job effectively we must be experts on transport matters. We must offer free and frank advice with an understanding of its context and implications. We must have an informed view on the critical transport issues for our nation.

To be effective in our job we cannot work in isolation. Everything we do in transport is ultimately in pursuit of other outcomes for our country – economic, environmental, social and cultural (our way of life). We must therefore work effectively across central and local government. We are of course only one member of the government transport team.
We have a special role in helping to ensure that team works cohesively and effectively. Finally, there are many other ‘players’ in the transport system whose interests we must understand if we are to do our job effectively.

Our operating intentions reflect the priorities of the government
and, in particular, the Minister of Transport. We are committed to providing the best possible advice we can to support the government in delivering its programme to the nation. The Ministry will continue to work towards its vision of leading transport solutions for New Zealand.

We look forward to the challenge.

Chief Executive Statement of Responsibility

In signing this statement, I acknowledge that I am responsible for the information contained in this Statement of Intent for the Ministry of Transport. This information has been prepared in accordance with the Public Finance Act 1989. It is also consistent with the proposed appropriations set out in the Appropriations (2009/10 Estimates) Bill, as presented to the House of Representatives in accordance with section 13 of the Public Finance Act 1989, and with existing appropriations and financial authorities.

Martin Matthews
Chief Executive, Ministry of Transport
May 2009

Fiona Macmaster
Director of Finance, Ministry of Transport
May 2009

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