International shipping carries the vast majority of New Zealand’s import and export goods, and the cruise industry plays an increasing role in our tourism market. New Zealand is economically dependent on high-quality, timely, safe and cost-effective international shipping services. Efficient maritime transport relies on competitive sea ports and effective integration with domestic road and rail networks. Complying with international safety, security and environmental obligations ensures access to the international maritime system, which is particularly vital for New Zealand as a trading nation.

Govt's long-term outcomes The Ministry's planned programmes of action Key deliverables* Rationale and intended impact 
A D  Ensure New Zealand’s international maritime arrangements are fit for purpose for a changing international maritime environment.  Amendment of the Maritime Transport Act in line with international requirements.

Updated maritime rules in line with international obligations.

Maintenance of New Zealand’s participation in existing international conventions and consider participation in new conventions. 
By complying with international standards we will enhance the safety and security of maritime freight and passenger movements, which will assist in growing the economy and sustaining access to the international maritime system. 
A Review regulation and legislation to improve maritime-focused transport outcomes.  New rule development processes for the maritime rules programme.

A maritime rules programme that will meet government objectives for more effective and efficient regulation and will enhance economic performance, safety, or marine environmental protection. 
By simplifying and streamlining the legislative and regulatory framework for maritime transport we will reduce compliance costs, increase effectiveness and meet government priorities. 

*The Ministry's planned programmes of action, including key deliverables, are key initiatives contained in the Ministry's annual work programme, referred to in the Information Supporting the Estimates.

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