The road network is central to New Zealand’s transport system. It is crucial to the performance of our economy, communities, and our way of life. The road network on average carries 70 percent of New Zealand’s freight movements and 84 percent of the journeys to work[1]. Increasing road transport’s contribution to economic activity through investment, particularly in Roads of National Significance, remains vital to the government’s goals of growing the economy and increasing the safety of the road system. Vital to maximising road transport’s contribution to increasing productivity will be improving national and urban networks, an efficient fleet, enhanced logistics, improvedlinkages between roads and other modes, and efficient public transport operations.

1 Ministry of Transport, 2009


Govt's long-term outcomes The Ministry's planned programmes of action Key deliverables** Rationale and intended impact
A B D  Identify optimal settings for land transport funding to deliver the government’s desired outcomes.  Publication and support for implementation of the 2012-2015 Government Policy Statement on Land Transport Funding, and input to the National Infrastructure Plan.  By developing policies on the planning, management and funding of the network we will identify settings which allow road investment to be targeted effectively and, in the long term, ensure increased efficiency of national and urban road networks. 
A D Develop and implement land transport safety initiatives.   Implementation of Safer Journeys first action plan 2011-12. 

Implementation of legislative changes from the Land Transport (Road Safety and Other Matters) Amendment Bill, the Driver Licensing Rule, and the Road User Rule.
By providing policy advice on a range of safety-focused measures that will reduce deaths and injuries on the roads, we will reduce social costs and deliver a more efficient, effective and safer transport system. 
A B C D Review regulation and legislation to improve land transport outcomes while reducing compliance costs where possible for transport users*. Amendments to the Land Transport Management Act.

A new Road User Charges Act. 
By simplifying and streamlining the legislative and regulatory framework for land transport we will improve planning and decision-making processes, reduce compliance costs, increase effectiveness and meet government priorities. 

*This includes rail regulation.
**The Ministry's planned programmes of action, including key deliverables, are key initiatives contained in the Ministry's annual work programme, referred to in the Information Supporting the Estimates.

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