Enabling continuous improvement in the performance of transport agencies.

The government wants better public services

Delivering better public services is one of the government’s four key priorities for the next three years. This means that government agencies need to focus on improved performance, with services delivered in innovative and more effective ways, within the tight fiscal constraints that the government has to operate in over the coming years.

This includes improved performance from government transport agencies

Regardless of how transport agencies are funded, or how well they may be performing, there is an ongoing need to improve value for money and the quality of the services they provide.
The Ministry of Transport and the five transport agencies are responsible for approximately $3 billion of transport expenditure annually. The government needs to be assured all those agencies are performing well and delivering value for money.

A number of the transport Crown entities also engage with citizens and businesses as regulators. These interactions need to be well managed with a strong customer focus.

The Ministry's role in improving the performance of government transport agencies

The Ministry advises on the most appropriate transport Crown entity arrangements to meet the government’s objectives for transport. This includes establishing the role and regulatory powers of the entities, and their funding arrangements. The Ministry needs to have a clear understanding of the strategic direction of the entities as they evolve over time, and lead the transport sector when collective action is required.

An important role for the Ministry is to be able to monitor the performance of the transport agencies (as regulators and service providers) and support the Minister to hold these agencies accountable for their performance and delivery of the government’s economic, safety, and security outcomes. To do this, the Ministry needs to understand the environment in which the agencies operate and have frameworks in place to be able to assess their performance.

To deliver improved performance by government transport agencies the Ministry will:

  • provide ongoing assurance on the performance of government transport agencies.

Improved government transport agencies' performance - Ministry impacts and actions

The Ministry’s intended impacts in this area over the next three years, and the projects and activities that will deliver them, include the following:

Impact 8: Ongoing assurance on the performance of government transport agencies

The Ministry will continue to review how it can improve its approach to understanding and providing assurance on government transport agency performance. This will include considering how best to address the Better Public Services Advisory Group Report, articulating better the Ministry’s approach, and engaging with entity stakeholders to better understand their views on agency performance and how this can be improved.

The Ministry has an ongoing role in supporting the governance relationship between the Minster/Associate Minister of Transport and the government transport agencies. The Ministry advises the Minister on board appointments for all the transport Crown entities. The Ministry will also advise on the government’s expectations of each entity, and provide specialist advice to the Minister on how the entities are meeting these expectations, including performance, capability and strategic direction. The Ministry will provide advice on entities’ regular performance reports, draft statements of intent, and annual reports. 

The Ministry will lead the transport Crown entities to explore opportunities for shared business services, and agree and implement them. The focus of this work will be on business functions that will benefit from a transport sector perspective.

We will continue to work with the Civil Aviation Authority and Maritime New Zealand to:

  • establish, in consultation with their industry stakeholders, a sustainable basis for services and funding for these entities going forward
  • ensure they have the capability and regulatory settings necessary to be effective, well-performing entities.

The Ministry will establish a longer term programme for fees, charges and levies reviews. This will not only schedule when reviews should be undertaken, but help us identify possible synergies that emerge from the scheduled reviews. It will also help us to better understand related service and financial performance.


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