The Ministry’s strategic framework (see the diagram below) sets out what the Ministry is seeking to achieve for the transport system – our outcomes – and what we will do to contribute to those outcomes: our impacts and the projects and activities that underpin them.

Ministry focus

The Ministry focuses on developing a transport system that maximises the economic and social benefits for New Zealand and minimises harm.

Ministry long-term outcomes

The long-term outcomes describe the ‘future state’ on which the Ministry focuses and strongly align with the government’s objectives for the transport system. The long-term outcomes are expected to be achieved over the next 20 or more years, as a consequence of the contributions made by the Ministry and a wide range of other stakeholders and transport system users. We can measure the progress the transport system is making towards those outcomes annually through our long-term indicators.

Ministry intermediate outcomes

Intermediate outcomes also describe a ‘future state’ for the transport system and are important steps to achieving the long-term outcomes.

The intermediate outcomes are expected to be achieved over the next 10 or so years, with contributions made by a wide range of participants in the transport system. While the progress that the transport system is making towards the intermediate outcomes can be measured annually, the nature of the outcomes means that progress is best viewed over a longer time period, for example to avoid misinterpretation of results due to one-off impacts.

Ministry impacts

Ministry impacts describe how the Ministry’s work will affect the transport system. They describe the intended results from the Ministry’s work. The Ministry can achieve its intended impacts through its own efforts and is not dependent on other organisations undertaking particular actions. However, other organisations may also undertake work that contributes to the impacts. The Ministry’s projects and activities are our specific ‘outputs’ (work programmes) that will deliver our impacts.

Projects, impacts and intermediate outcomes can all contribute to more than one item in their next higher level of the framework. However, for simplicity, we have shown the main relationships
Diagram of Ministry's Strategic Framework

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