New Zealand has built up a reputation as an international leader in the drone sector due to our credible, risk-based regulatory regime for drones. In order to maintain our position at the forefront of drone development, the Ministry created a vision paper outlining our approach to drones into the future.

Integration Paper

The Ministry, in collaboration with other government departments, has prepared Taking flight: an aviation system for the automated age, a paper which describes a vision for the integration of drones into the aviation system and the wider transport sector. The paper sets out the Government’s high-level objectives, and the fundamental building blocks which will be the basis for ongoing work to integrate drones into the aviation system and wider transport system. The paper is not intended to set out exactly how drones will be used and what rules and technological requirements will be applied to drones.

The first draft of the paper was released in September 2018. We sought feedback on the paper from stakeholders in the drone sector and the general aviation sector. This feedback helped us refine the paper, and balance up the concerns of the aviation sector and the potential benefit from drones.

This paper will help inform the basis of the future cross-government work programme on drones.

To help inform the ongoing work towards integration, we have commissioned a study to quantify the benefit that a developed drones sector could have for New Zealand. You can read the study on our Drones benefit page.

Current reports

Read the final Drone Integration Paper [PDF, 974 KB]  – The final version of the integration paper, as released on 17 July 2019

Read the Beehive release about the Drone Integration Paper(external link) – The media statement made by Hon Phil Twyford announcing the release of the Drone Integration Paper and Drone Benefit Study.

Read the draft Drone Integration Paper [PDF, 623 KB] – The initial public draft of the Drone Integration Paper as released for feedback in September 2018

Read the Feedback Summary [PDF, 632 KB](external link) – The summary of the key points of feedback provided by respondents.