Tackling congestion in Auckland

In March 2004, Cabinet requested that the Ministry investigate the feasibility and desirability of road pricing and parking levies in Auckland. The request resulted in the Auckland Road Pricing Evaluation Study 2006, which explored the economic and social impacts of several alternative schemes.

A further phase of the work, the Auckland Road Pricing Study 2008, evaluated two specific road pricing schemes and used feedback from a submissions process in Auckland to assess the public response to regionalised road pricing.

The Ministry of Transport's Auckland Road Pricing Evaluation Study 2006 and Auckland Road Pricing Study 2008 examine road pricing as a means of reducing congestion and raising revenue for investment in land transport. The study examines several alternative schemes. These were developed to provide enough information to help decide if any work on road pricing should be progressed. The study makes no recommendations on whether road pricing should be introduced in Auckland; its function is to present information and data for politicians, members of the public and stakeholders to consider.

Auckland Road Pricing Evaluation Study 2006

Executive Summary Report (PDF v7.0, 590kb)
Submissions Analysis document (PDF v7.0, 378kb)

Auckland Road Pricing Study 2008

Executive Summary Report (PDF v7.0, 16.7mb)