The 2012 Australasian Road Safety Research, Policing and Education Conference took place in Wellington from 4–6 October 2012, following the Safety 2012 World Conference (1–4 October).

The aim of the conference was to:

  • present current research and best practice in road safety, particularly in those areas identified as national road safety priorities, directions and trends
  • provide a venue for discussion of advances in road safety research and practice including in education, enforcement, engineering and the road environment
  • showcase innovation, progress and new directions in road safety policy, planning, research, practice and evaluation
  • bring together road safety stakeholders and decision-makers from Australia, New Zealand and the world to facilitate collaboration and information sharing

This year, the theme of our conference was “Reducing the Cost of Road Safety”. We wanted to reflect the four pillars of the Safe System approach to road safety, as espoused in New Zealand’s ten-year strategy Safer Journeys:

  • safe roads and roadsides
  • safe vehicles
  • safe users
  • safe speeds

We received a wide range of papers which addressed subjects such as:

  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Implementation of research findings
  • A safe system approach
  • Innovation, trying new things
  • Relevance to Pacific Island nations
  • The role of local government and community
  • High risk drivers
  • Crash prevention
  • The economics of fleet safety

Conference papers

These papers are available on the Australasian College of Road Safety website(external link) - it's easiest to search by date.

Conference award winners

The Peter Vulcan Award Prize

Awarded to: Samuel Charlton and Nicola Starkey.
For: Familiarity breeds inattention - why drivers crash on the roads they know best

The John Kirby Road Safety Award

Awarded to: Stephen Cantwell
For: Pushing NZ roads to the limit - preferred speeds of young novice drivers across differing road conditions

The Road Safety Practitioner's Award

Awarded to: Ann Yuan, Changcheng Li, Gaoqiang Zhang.
For: GRSP/MOT speed management project in China

The Road Safety Poster Award

Awarded to: Michelle Frazer and Lynn Meuleners. 
For: Do cataract patients self-regulate their driving before and after first eye surgery?

The Number 8 Fencing Wire Award

Awarded to: Anna Annund.
For: Societal costs of providing school children safe bus stops on high speed roads.

Further information and contacts

For further information, contact Helen McNaught, Senior Policy Advisor, Road Safety Policy, Ministry of Transport, email