On Thursday 15 November 2018, the Ministry of Transport incollaboration with the NZ Transport Agency, Maritime New Zealand, Civil Aviation Authority, NZ Automobile Association and KiwiRail held the 5th Transport Knowledge conference at Rydges, Wellington.

Below is a list of presentations from the conference. This year’s conference theme was “Understanding and delivering transport outcomes”. This relates to the five transport outcomes, a set of outcomes for New Zealand’s transport system that explains how government should work toward these outcomes through a guiding principle of mode neutrality.

Conference presentations

Keynote presentations

Transport Linking analysis to outcomes [PDF, 1.4 MB] - Dan Jenkins, Ministry of Transport 

Long Term View [PDF, 1.2 MB] - Katie Mayes, NZ Transport Agency

Public Transport 2045 [PDF, 3.8 MB] - Richard Cross, Ministry of Transport

Making a difference: translating transport research into policy implementation [PDF, 1.2 MB] - Prof. Simon Kingham, Chief Science Adviser, Ministry of Transport

Te Ara Mua-Future Streets negotiating a researcher-practitioner partnership [PDF, 1.3 MB] - Prof. Karen Witten, Massey University 

Concurrent sessions

An emerging framework for understanding the interrelationships between land transport and urban development outcomes [PDF, 951 KB] - Darren Baars, NZ Transport Agency and Mary O’Callahan, GHD Ltd

An Exploratory Study Using Big Data for Improved Safety and Operational Efficiency: A New Zealand Case Study [PDF, 3 MB] - Gareth Robins, EROAD Ltd

Are people who already cycle and walk more responsive to an active travel intervention? [PDF, 1.4 MB] - Mike Keall, University of Otago, Wellington

At the heart of the community: creating vibrant and inclusive urban places through rail [PDF, 2.7 MB] - Gareth Fairweather, Ministry of Transport

Car sharing in New Zealand: benefits and barriers [PDF, 2 MB] - Lucia Sobiecki, Ministry of Transport

Challenges for Encouraging Active Transport to School in Urban and Rural Areas: BEATS Study Findings [PDF, 2.4 MB] - Prof. Sandra Mandic, University of Otago, Dunedin

Cost of Transport to New Zealand Households [PDF, 583 KB] - Peter King, New Zealand Automobile Association

Cyclist conflict at intersections [PDF, 907 KB] – can computer vision add to our analysis capability - Simon Douglas, New Zealand Automobile Association

Data and decisions following the Kaikoura earthquake [PDF, 1 MB] - Geoff Parr, Ministry of Transport

Developing a monitoring and evaluation framework for the Transport Outcomes Framework  [PDF, 2 MB]- Jane Godfrey, Ministry of Transport

Developing and applying the Ministry of Transport’s Framework for Social Impact Assessment [PDF, 1 MB] - Geoff Parr and Philip Caruana, Ministry of Transport

Developing New Zealand Accessibility Metrics [PDF, 2.9 MB] - Ian Binnie, NZ Transport Agency and Dr Stacy Rendall, Abley Ltd

Development of a new road safety strategy for New Zealand [PDF, 1.4 MB] - James Campbell, Ministry of Transport

Does speeding make a difference to travel time in urban areas? [PDF, 3.3 MB] - Gareth Robins, EROAD Ltd

Driver behaviour: What’s behind the numbers? [PDF, 2.3 MB] - Prof. Samuel G Charlton and Prof. Nicole Starkey, University of Waikato

Framework for review and prioritisation of rail safety risks in New Zealand [PDF, 3 MB] - Chris Ballantyne, NZ Transport Agency and Kevin Oldham, Navigatus Consulting

Getting the Arbor to the Harbour: Logging Transport System Safety and Increasing Wood Supply [PDF, 2.4 MB] - Joe Dewar, Civil Aviation Authority

Has the Christchurch Central City 30km/h Zone worked? [PDF, 1.8 MB] - Dr Glen Koorey, ViaStrada Ltd

Immigrants perspectives in making public transport inclusive in Auckland [PDF, 1.1 MB] - Waheed Ahmed, Massey University

Inclusive Streetscapes and Transport systems promoting health and wellbeing, social participation and community resilience  [PDF, 2 MB]- Prof. Shanthi Ameratunga, University of Auckland and Bridget Burdett, Stantec

Inclusive transport in action: policy drivers that account for the way transport decision-makers think [PDF, 1.8 MB] - Bridget Burdett, Stantec

Land Value Uplift Effects from an Incremental Transport Network Upgrade  [PDF, 764 KB]- Ben Smith, University of Auckland, NZ Transport Agency

Lessons learned from the New Zealand Household Travel Survey [PDF, 1.1 MB] – 7 day online GPS - Jennifer McSaveney, Ministry of Transport

Linking police motorcycle crash records and hospital trauma admissions in Midland Region of New Zealand [PDF, 482 KB] - Kaye Clark, NZ Transport Agency

Main North Line Resilience [PDF, 1.9 MB] – Experience from the Kaikoura Earthquake - Daniel Headifen, KiwiRail

Our vision for integrating unmanned aircraft into the transport system [PDF, 673 KB] - Alec Morrison, Ministry of Transport

Resilience of Transportation Systems to Natural and Anthropogenic Hazards [PDF, 5.1 MB] - Pathmanathan Brabhaharan and Doug Mason, WSP Opus

South Island Freight Study: Identification of the opportunity for mode shift and action plan [PDF, 446 KB] - Richard Paling, Richard Paling Consulting

Te Ara Mua - Future Streets. The process of implementation and short-term lessons [PDF, 5 MB] - Dr Hamish Mackie, Mackie Research

The benefits-led approach to delivering transport outcomes in New Zealand’s aviation system [PDF, 1.8 MB] - Scott Earley, Civil Aviation Authority

Understanding the pedestrian experience and encouraging better walking environments [PDF, 2.1 MB] - Jane Goulding and Sam Watson, NZ Transport Agency

Understanding the sources and trends of roadside air particulate matter pollution [PDF, 3.5 MB] - Dr Perry Davy, Institute of Geological and Nuclear Sciences and Dr Nicholas Talbot, Auckland Council

Understanding what, how and why [PDF, 3.2 MB] - Rescued Persons Research - Duncan Ferner, New Zealand Search and Rescue (NZSAR) Secretariat

Updating and extending Vehicle Fleet Emission Model [PDF, 2 MB] - Haobo Wang, Ministry of Transport

Using citizen science to accelerate electric vehicle uptake in New Zealand [PDF, 1.8 MB] - Henrik Moller, Otago University

Valuing freight transport time and reliability [PDF, 891 KB] - Ian Wallis, Ian Wallis Associates Ltd and Murray King, Murray King & Francis Small Consultancy Ltd

What do driverless cars mean for cities, health and wellbeing? [PDF, 2.1 MB] - Amy L. Fletcher, University of Canterbury

Women on the move. What we know about New Zealand women’s transport and travel [PDF, 1.2 MB] - Roselle Thoreau, Ministry of Transport