The 6th annual Transport Knowledge Conference was held at the James Cook, Wellington on Thursday 5th of December. The purpose of the conference was to bring together the transport research, data and evaluation community with government officials and policy teams from the across the wider transport sector to promote the use of evidence in decision-making. 

The theme for the conference was Transport’s contribution to wellbeing and liveability.

The Transport Outcomes Framework(external link) identifies the 5 outcomes (inclusive access, healthy & safe people, environmental sustainability, resilience & security, and economic prosperity) government is seeking to achieve to deliver the desired transport system.   All of these outcomes are inter-related, and need to be met as a whole to improve intergenerational wellbeing and the liveability of New Zealand’s cities, towns, and provinces. To make a positive contribution across the five outcomes, the transport system also needs to be integrated with land use planning, urban development, and regional development strategies.

For more information on the conference please visit the conference website here(external link).

To view presentaitons from the conference please go here

 TKC2019 Organising Committee