The graph below shows the risks of drivers' injury crash involvement (1997/98) by age group and gender.

  • Young male drivers are considerably more risky than young females.
  • The risks for males and females are fairly equal for all ages from 25-74.
  • After age 74, females are more risky drivers than males. This may be related to their relative inexperience as drivers (see section Driving experience.).

Note that this graph has not been adjusted for fragility, so some of the apparent high risk of the older drivers can be attributed to their (and their passengers') increased liability to be injured in crashes.

1997/98 Injury Crash Involvement Per Distance Driven 
However, male drivers are generally more risky than females in terms of involvement in fatal crashes. Again, the graph has not been corrected for fragility:

1997/98 Fatal Crash Involvement Per Distance Driven

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