During the survey interviews, the make, model, and age of each vehicle driven was recorded. This allows us to see which people drive particular types of cars.

The following graphs show which age and gender groups are the main users of two different types of vehicle. The first graph shows usage of larger*, later model cars i.e. those less than five years old. These cars are favoured by male drivers aged 35-54. Only a small percentage of trips made in these vehicles are made by the youngest and oldest driver age groups: 15-24-year-olds and over-65s.

Cars over 1600cc aged 0-4yrs owned by males and females

By contrast, smaller**, older cars i.e. those 10 years old and over - are driven mainly by young people, and predominantly by females. Generally, 61 percent of trips made in larger cars are driven by males and 57 percent of smaller car trips are driven by females.

Cars over 1600cc aged 0-4yrs owned by males or females

* More than 1600cc
** 1600cc and less 


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