Motor Vehicle Crashes in New Zealand is an annual statistical statement on road crashes in New Zealand.

Crash data are derived from Traffic Crash Reports completed by Police officers who attend fatal and injury crashes. The detailed information about crash circumstances and causes is extracted from these reports by Land Transport New Zealand staff and stored in the Ministry's Crash Analysis System (CAS). The NZ crash data presented in this annual publication is extracted from the information stored in CAS.

As well as the road crash statistics from CAS, Motor Vehicle Crashes in New Zealand includes national hospital, breath and blood alcohol, road user behaviour and comparative international statistics which relate to road crashes.

Reported injury crashes 2005

Crash data from Police reported crashes

National health statistics for road users

Road users hospitalised as a result of motor vehicle crashes

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Breath and blood alcohol statistics

Breath and blood alcohol data from drivers who present a positive breath test result when tested by Police

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Blood alcohol levels for fatally injured drivers

Postmortem blood alcohol test results for drivers killed in motor vehicle crashes

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International comparisons for road deaths

International comparisons of road deaths for countries that contribute to the OECD's International Road Traffic and Accident Database

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Road user behaviour surveys

Results of surveys of seat belt use, cycle helmet use and drivers choice of travel speeds

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Driver licence and vehicle fleet statistics

Driver licence holders by age and sex and vehicle fleet size

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Legislation affecting road safety

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