The Ministry of Transport conducts and collates information for a number of road safety surveys every year. Survey topics include child restraints, seatbelt use, speed and the annual Public Attitudes to Road Safety survey.

Improving road safety is a key priority for the Ministry of Transport, and road safety surveys provide a vital base for road safety policy development.

The Ministry conducts the following surveys:

Cycle helmet use

Every 3 years the Ministry undertakes a national survey of helmet use in New Zealand by cyclists of all ages.

Public attitudes to road safety

The New Zealand Public Attitudes Survey has been undertaken periodically since 1974, and annually since 1994, to evaluate attitudes to road safety issues, primarily alcohol-impaired driving and speed


Each year the Ministry conducts speed surveys which are designed to monitor changes in vehicle speeds in both 100 km/h limit areas and main urban 50 km/h areas

Safety belt and child restraint use

The Ministry undertakes annual safety belt and child restraint surveys.

Cell phone use by drivers

In June 2013 the Ministry commissioned a pilot survey of hand-held cell phone use by drivers of cars and vans.