Indicator set (Ref. code)  Description of indicator set
Headline transport indicators Indicators that provide key information on the transport sector.
Transport volume (TV) Tracks the use of the transport system, including motorised and non-motorised modes. It also shows the age and composition of the fleet.
Network reliability (NR) Describes the reliability of the transport network, congestion and travel time reliability.
Freight and the transport industry (FT) Includes information on freight movements (domestic and international). It also includes the share of the transport and storage industry of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of New Zealand and transport workforce information.
Access to the transport system (AM) Shows how accessible the transport system is to a range of transport users. It includes indicators relating to the affordability of transport, social connectivity, and access to motor vehicles, travel perceptions and accessibility of public transport.
Travel patterns (TP) Shows the use of various transport modes, including active modes such as walking and cycling, for every day journeys such as to work and school.
Transport safety and security (SS) Shows how transport safety is performing in terms of transport related deaths, injuries, accidents and the social cost of accidents. It also includes personal security, resilience and security of the transport system.
Public health effects of transport (PH) Shows how transport contributes to the noise levels and air quality that impact on public health.
Infrastructure and investment (II) Shows infrastructure investment and the size and quality of transport infrastructure.
Environmental impact of transport (EI) Includes climate change emissions, and information on energy use, land use, water quality and waste management.
Transport-related Price Indices (TI) Includes data on transport related prices, including fuel and construction prices.

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About the indicators

Transport Indicators contains a large set of transport sector-related indicators. The Ministry updates indicator data on an on-going basis. 

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