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The total vehicle kilometres travelled on our roads in 2016/17 was 45.3 billion km, an increase of 13.3% over ten years. The split between travel on State highways and local roads is almost 50:50.



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Further Related Statistics:

RD008 Vehicle kilometres travelled on state highways by region (billion km)

RD009 Vehicle kilometres travelled in light vehicles (billion km) and per capita (km)

RD010 Person km travelled in light vehicles by region (100 million km)

RD012 Distance travelled per capita in single-occupancy vehicles in main urban areas on weekdays (km per year)

RD013 Distance travelled per driver per day by age group (km)

RD015 Vehicle kilometres travelled by road per capita (km)

RD029 Mean occupancy of light 4-wheeled vehicles by region (people/vehicle)

FR003 Vehicle kilometres travelled by heavy vehicles on state highways (million km)

Core dashboard information


Vehicle kilometres travelled on state highways and local roads

Nature of data

Derived from TLA and NZTA RAMM (Road Assessment and Maintenance Management) systems
Primary source NZ Transport Agency
Custodian of data NZ Transport Agency
URL http://www.nzta.govt.nz/assets/userfiles/transport-data/VKT.html
Frequency Annually from 2000/01
Disaggregation State highways/Local roads
Quality of the data Local road RAMM count frequency varies across the country, so local road data may not reflect current conditions
Next Update October