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Over the last four years, congestion has slightly reduced average speeds on state highways in Auckland and Wellington, but there has been little change on local roads. In Christchurch, speeds on both state highways and local roads have actually increased.



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Core dashboard information


Average travel speeds in km/hour

Nature of data

Based on surveys conducted by BECA during the month of March each year. The new methodology (from 2014 onward) involves collecting large volumes of anonymised GPS data. Observed vehicle speeds are distance- and volume-weighted to provide aggregate statistical data for the network as a whole. Up to 2014, a 'floating car' methodology was used, and results are not comparable with the new methodology. The old methodology did not provide separate data for state highways and local roads.
Primary source BECA
Custodian of data Ministry of Transport
URL This data has not been previously published.
Frequency Annually from 2014
Disaggregation By city, road type, and time period
Quality of the data

Survey based. Note that because of new data collection methods, this data is not comparable to earlier BECA surveys.

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