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From 2000 to 2013, the number of road deaths generally trended down despite increases in the population, vehicle fleet and travel. However, since 2013, deaths have increased significantly, and are approaching their earlier peaks.


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Further Related Statistics:

RD040 Road Fatality and Injury Crashes Reported by Police

RD049 Road fatal and injury crashes by region

RD050 Road fatal and injury crashes by territorial authority

RD041 Road Deaths by Region

RD046 Motorcyclist deaths and injuries by age group

RD045 Serious non-fatal road injuries

RD056 Road crash hospitalisations by region

FR010 Fatal and injury truck crashes 

RD083 Number of fatal crashes involving overseas drivers

RD084 Number of serious and minor injury crashes involving overseas drivers

 Core dashboard information


Deaths within 30 days of injuries received in on-road motor vehicle crashes and reported injuries in motor vehicle crashes. Reported to the Ministry of Transport and NZ Transport Agency by Police officers who attend road crashes.

Nature of data

Primary source NZ Transport Agency - Crash Analysis System (CAS)
Custodian of data

NZ Transport Agency

URL https://www.transport.govt.nz/mot-resources/new-road-safety-resources/annual-crash-statistics/time-series-of-historic-casualties-and-crashes/
Frequency Annual


Quality of the data


Next Update September 2018