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The four leading factors contributing to fatal crashes were lost control, failed to keep left, alcohol or drugs, and too fast for conditions. The five leading factors contirbuting to injury crashes were lost control, inattention or attention diverted, failed to give way or stop, did not see other party, and too fast for conditions.



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Further Related Statistics:

RD060 Road deaths with speed as a contributing factor by region

RD061 Road deaths with alcohol as a contributing factor by region

RD064 Wearing rates – front, rear seatbelt and child restraints (%)

RD065 Wearing rates by region (%)

RD066 Wearing rates by region – child restraints, aged 0-4 years (%)

RD067 Wearing rates by region – child restraints, aged 5-9 years (%)

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Factors contributing to fatal and non-fatal injury crashes

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Primary source NZ Transport Agency - Crash Analysis System (CAS)
Custodian of data Ministry of Transport
URL https://www.transport.govt.nz/assets/Uploads/Research/Documents/Motor-Vehicle-Crashes-2016/section2-casualties-and-crashes-web.xlsx See fig17
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