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The National Land Transport Fund is a fully hypothecated (ring-fenced) transport fund made up of fuel excise duty, road user charges, a portion of the annual vehicle licensing fee, and income from the sale and lease of state highway property. This means that all the revenue collected from transport users is dedicated to investment in land transport. The NZ Transport Agency Board has independent statutory responsibilities for the allocation and investment of the National Land Transport Fund, which occurs through the National Land Transport Programme.



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RD072 Road User Charges by Vehicle Type ($/1000 km)

 Core dashboard information


National Land Transport Fund revenue ($ million)

Nature of data

Primary source NZ Transport Agency, National Land Transport Programme
Custodian of data

NZ Transport Agency

URL https://www.nzta.govt.nz/resources/annual-report-nzta/2016-17/?term=National+Land+Transport+Fund
Frequency Annual
Disaggregation By revenue source and revenue item
Quality of the data

Good. Until 2008/09, some revenue from fuel excise duty on petrol went to the consolidated fund.

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