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More highly populated regions dominate vehicle kilometres travelled.



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Further Related Statistics:

RD087 Estimated vehicle kilometres travelled by region for 'Other Regions' (billion km)

RD009 Vehicle kilometres travelled in light vehicles (billion km) and per capita (km)

RD010 Person km travelled in light vehicles by region (100 million km)

RD012 Distance travelled per capita in single-occupancy vehicles in main urban areas on weekdays (km per year)

RD013 Distance travelled per driver per day by age group (km)

RD015 Vehicle kilometres travelled by road per capita (km)

RD029 Mean occupancy of light 4-wheeled vehicles by region (people/vehicle)

Core dashboard information


Vehicle kilometres travelled on all roads by region by calendar year. 'Other regions' are the total of Waikato, Bay of Plenty, West Coast, and Otago. Available VKT data for these four regions is inconsistent, however, separate estimates are provided in RD087.

Nature of data

Primary source Ministry of Transport analysis based on changes in WoF and CoF odometer readings
Custodian of data Ministry of Transport
URL This data has not been previously published.
Frequency Annual
Disaggregation By Region
Quality of the data Regional breakouts of the WoF and CoF odometer data shown here is based on the region where the vehicle was inspected, not the region where the kilometres were actually driven. An alternative source of data on regional VKTs, which does not suffer from this limiation, is the NZTA's Road Assessment and Maintenance Management (RAMM) data, which may be found at http://www.nzta.govt.nz/assets/userfiles/transport-data/VKT.html. However, the RAMM data has its own limitations. A background paper discussing the two sources of VKT data, and the difficulties involved in reconciling them, is available here.
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