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Although the total vehicle kilometres travelled in light vehicles has increased with population growth, travel per capita fell from its peak in 2004 and has only recently recovered. The decline might have been due to the rising cost of transport (for example, oil prices that hit their peak in 2008), the impacts of the global financial crisis of the late 2000's, more and denser urban living encouraging walking and cycling, fewer young people getting their driver licence, improved public transport, cheaper air travel, and more activities conducted online.



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Core dashboard information


Total road vehicle kilometres travelled (VKT) by for light vehicles in billion kilometres.

Nature of data

Primary source Ministry of Transport analysis based on changes in WoF and CoF odometer readings
Custodian of data Ministry of Transport

https://www.transport.govt.nz/assets/Uploads/Research/Documents/Fleet-reports/NZ-Vehicle-Fleet-Graphs-2016-web3.xlsx, annual fleet report spreadsheet tab "1.4 to 1.7"

Frequency Annual
Disaggregation National
Quality of the data These are the best VKT estimates available, as they are more up to date than the NZTA and TLA RAMM (Road Assessment and Maintenance Management) estimates. RAMM does have the advantage of providing breakouts by region, TLA and road type (state highway/local, open road/urban), so the two approaches are complimentary
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