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Excluding travel home, public transport is used the most to travel to places of education (36% of public transport trip legs), which reflects the predominantly young age profile of public transport users. It is also frequently used for travel to work: 26% of public transport trip legs compared with 15% of trip legs overall.


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Core dashboard information


Travel by purpose for public transport and all travel (%)

Nature of data

Quantitative, survey-based
Primary source Household Travel Survey, Ministry of Transport
Custodian of data

Ministry of Transport

URL https://www.transport.govt.nz/assets/Uploads/Research/Documents/25yrs-of-Travel-Figures-and-data-v2.xlsx, Figure 40
Frequency Periods run from July to June so 2011-2014 means July 2011 - June 2014.


Quality of the data

Survey based. Household Travel Surveys exclude commercial travel, and tend to underestimate total personal vehicle travel. Response rate (households with full responses from all members): Ongoing survey: 65%-70%.

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