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While the Producers Price Index for Road Transport has risen fairly steadily, the Producers Price Index for Rail, Water, Air and Other Transport has fluctuated more. This is probably due to the sensitivity of air transport prices to oil prices.


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Core dashboard information


Producers price indices for Road Transport and for Rail, Water, Air and Other Transport (December 2010 Quarter = 1000).

For a discussion of the definition of these indices, see http://archive.stats.govt.nz/browse_for_stats/economic_indicators/prices_indexes/ppi-concepts-sources-methods-2015/conceptual-basis.aspx. Note that these indices include passenger as well as freight operations.

Nature of data

Primary source Stats NZ Infoshare - Table PPI024AA


Custodian of data Statistics NZ


Data can be found by clicking the 'Browse' tab, then selecting Economic Indicators->Producers Price Index - PPI -> Outputs (ANZSIC06) - NZSIOC level 3, Base: Dec. 2010 quarter (=1000) (Qrtly-Mar/Jun/Sep/Dec), then under Industry Output Groups, choosing "Road Transport" and "Rail, Water, Air and Other Transport"

Frequency Quarterly
Disaggregation National
Quality of the data


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