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More than 40% of registered aircraft are sport aircraft, with nearly 20% being helicopters.


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AR002 Average age of aircraft fleet (years)

Core dashboard information


Number of registered aircraft by category of aircraft as of 31 December of each year. Note that the CAA also publishes data on registered aircraft as of 30 June each year, which differs somewhat from this data.

Categories are defined as follows:
Large aeroplanes - Aeroplanes that must be operated under Part 121 of the Civil Aviation Rules (www.caa.govt.nz/rules/rules.htm) when used for air transport;
Medium aeroplanes - Aeroplanes that must be operated under Part 125 of the Civil Aviation Rules (www.caa.govt.nz/rules/rules.htm) when used for air transport, except for those required to operate under Part 125 solely due to operating SEIFR;
Small aeroplanes - Other aeroplanes with Standard Category Certificates of Airworthiness;
Agricultural aeroplanes - Aeroplanes with Restricted Category Certificates of Airworthiness limited to agricultural operations;
Helicopters - Helicopters with Standard or Restricted Category Certificates of Airworthiness;
Sport aircraft - All aircraft not included in the groups above; includes Aeroplane, Amateur Built Aeroplane, Amateur Built Glider, Amateur Built Helicopter, Balloon, Glider, Gyroplane, Helicopter, Microlight Class 1, Microlight Class 2, Power Glider.

Nature of data

Primary source

Civil Aviation Authority

Custodian of data

Ministry of Transport

URL This data is not published elsewhere.
Frequency Annual
Disaggregation National - Large Aeroplanes, Medium Aeroplanes, Small Aeroplanes, Agricultural Aeroplanes, Helicopters, Sport Aircraft
Quality of the data


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