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Over the last 10 years, the number of overseas visitors has increased by 51%. Overseas trips by New Zealand residents have grown by 44%. Many airports have responded to growth by upgrading their facilities for aircraft and passengers.


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Core dashboard information


Visitor arrival totals by all modes and New Zealand resident traveller departure totals by all modes in millions by calendar year.

Nature of data

Primary source

Overseas Tourist Arrivals: Stats NZ Infoshare - ITM006AA
New Zealand Resident Departures: Stats NZ Infoshare - ITM030AA

Custodian of data Statistics NZ
URL http://archive.stats.govt.nz/infoshare/Default.aspx.
Data for Overseas tourist arrivals can be found by clicking the 'Browse' tab, then selecting Tourism->International Travel and Migration - ITM-> Visitor arrival totals (Annual-Dec), then under 'count type' selecting 'Actual Counts'.
Data for NZ resident departures can be found by clicking the 'Browse tab, then selecting Touristm->International Travel and Migration - ITM->NZ-resident traveller departure totals (Annual-Dec), then under 'count type' selecting 'Actual Counts'.
Frequency Annual
Disaggregation National
Quality of the data


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